Sunday, 11 June 2017

Tech Demo 1 + Postmortem

So came this day when I release something :) Here you got link to tech demo:

Now that this is behind I think it the best to right away summarize what went right and what not so much :)   


When last weekend was starting I didn't even thought about releasing anything soon. It was just another weekend like every other. But well ... one thing to another and I ended with announcement : I will release small tech demo.
Whole idea behind Tech Demo 1 is: you get what you seen. In this small demo there is no hiding of issues that game right now have, there is also almost no hacking stuff. This past week I was mostly improving UI and preparing whole build. This of course may dissatisfy you especially after MonsieurKakis released his fully playable game but well I cannot do too much about this.
In a 1-3 month I will release Tech Demo 2. This should show you how game improving and what direction I want to take it.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tech demo - update

Tech demo start to look kind of interesting but in the same time I see so much problems with movement system. I really want to fix all this issues that is why I trying to wrap this whole release as quick as possible. You may expect probably daily updates.

Whole idea or releasing tech demo may of course look like easy task but from my perspective this is first release to bigger audience. I need to prepare package which take into account that not everybody have technical knowledge. This will test my whole release pipeline. I need to verify all my debug functionalities to have way to diagnose issues when somebody will have crash or problems with starting game.

There is also option menu which I always delayed because I never really need it. Now I need to make it to give you some control over game. And like always there is a lot of this small stuff that I need to do. But well in the end I giving you game the way it is right now with all good and bad stuff that are there. And I think that this should be good start. 


Monday, 5 June 2017

Movement - the beginning

This time something different but first I will point out culprit behind idea you will read in this post:

In this forum thread Polaris wrote message containing:
"eh another cool-sounding project that will never see the light of day"
Now lets move to point. I will probably really regret this later but well maybe it won't be so bad. As you know 7 years passed. Game looking a lot better, technology improved a lot, we slowly moving in right direction but non of you had occasion to even try of stuff I working on.

Some people would say I could just share what I have but I don't think this is so easy as it sound. I don't want to give you game right now because of few reason:
  1. When I records Video Preview I try not to show everything I have done in levels so when you will finally play game you had fun of exploring.
  2. This is work in progress which change sometimes from day to day. This results sometimes in stability issues.
  3. I test game on one machine which is convenient because I don't need to switch between multiple ones. But may results in some problems on different configurations.
You may agree with this or not. Of course I still want to share somehow work I doing. I had this idea of some kind of "Tech demo" which you could download and see some game mechanics. And I think we getting really close to it. I will try to wrap this:

Into playable version :) Thanks to that you will be able to see how game work and I will be able to check how engine behave on different machines. But this is not the end of story. 

Because this is my starting point and I will be improving movement system I would release from time to time newer version so you could see all changes that I done :) 

What do you think about this ? I really would like to hear your opinion :)

Sunday, 14 May 2017

L.B.A. Preview 19

When I writing this it's late afternoon but sun still shines nicely, lighting up clay figures standing on my windows. In background there is sound of yet another random song that is played from YouTube and smell of coffee from Montreal.

One of my friend Joël send it to me recently and its taste as good as I remember ... this brings back a lot of memories. But memories are not only thing that it's bringing. There is also reflection how long making of Little Big Adventure Remake takes. Three years ago I thought that I getting closer to finish line. But well from change to change, improvements after improvement and whole idea of finishing went somewhere faraway... this fill my heart with hesitation mixed with grief.

This thoughts cross my mind only for second. Compilation finishes, time to test another improvement that I done. Taking slip of coffee in meantime of waiting for load and ... crash. Why? Nervously looking into debugger trying figure out what happen. 

One of features done yesterday crashed. Didn't expect to crash there but well with code base growing so much in recent years its getting harder and harder to manage and predict everything. Quick cleanup around this part of code, fixing crash, adding additional validations so it never occur again, quick compilation and another slip of coffee.

It's works ... Smile showing on my face when I see game on my screen.

After while of testing time to check in new code and move to another task from my long list.

To be continued ...


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Update 27 February 2017 - Hesitation ..

I approached this post like 5 times already. Discarding it or heavily modifying then leaving it beyond drafts. Few days later returning back an doing the same thing over again. My biggest source of hesitation to finally press this orange "publish" button was fact that I don't have anything new to show.

It's hard to say: hey great news I spend another month doing something but I don't have anything to show. Well maybe not month because I was sick for almost week. But still ... (sadness).

From funnier facts about this break:
  • Finally done task that triggered all changes in technology that last 3-4 months.    
  • I fixed over 30 issues (starting from really simple one to really nasty one which were on my TO-DO list for months ). 
  • I slowly started work on some new game play features :)
  • I'm officially turned 30 ( I'm old now :) ) 
Lack of things to show is once again my fault because I jumped to depths of technology forgetting for moment about everything else (I love this feeling). Of course I don't regretting this because now I finally work on game and thanks to all changes I done this is really pleasant experience.

What waiting us next ?

I'm still thinking about this :) I have 3 big topics: GUI / AI / Graphics. But so far I think that this will be GUI which should improve gameplay experience and is in the worst state from this three.

So yeah this is all for today. Next post should be already with some proper video.


Monday, 30 January 2017

Update - 30 January 2017 - Visible progress ..

This was pretty long week from last post. There was really a lot of issues that were fixed in code. There is still a lot to go but well at least I have some results of my work that I can show you. Prepare:

Yeeee.... I know. It looks almost exactly like any other screen I done so far for editor. But guest what it's not because I replaced some of the icon with new one just for break from debugging...

Yeeee .... still even with that it almost the same thing but running on Linux. So welcome in my reality where I spends hours which resulting with the same stuff on my screen over and over again.

Good news is its slowly coming together and work. This bring some hope for future. Maybe soon I will do some new stuff. But first things I need to do so more fixes because there are still few issues to fix.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Update - 24 January 2017 - Mystery revealed ...

Sorry for no update but I was a little bit busy recently. But well I think this is a good occasion to reveal some of mystery about missing preview, updates and why the hell I cannot work on my normal PC for longer time :)

As you know I started once again bringing back to life Linux build. This have a some advantages like finding of few nasty bugs, better validation of code in clang (Linux compiler I using) and require from me more abstract thinking. It have also some cons like: time it require to validate each change I doing. This was biggest reason I stopped working on it but well right now I don't have a lot of choice because my stuff will be transported to different location and wait for me to settle down in new place.

This month I finished my story in D&D session (I were DM in it). I played last session in D&D game where I'm player and told farewell to really awesome people working for Sumo Digital. Tomorrow I have flight and soon starting new story in my life surrounded by other awesome people working for Unity Technologies.

How this will affect this project ? It will result in some delay in work. Reason behind this is I'm still not feel fully comfortable with coding and debugging in Linux but well I slowly getting there. So yeah other then that things still going forward. I will try to post some new screen-shots form game (this laptop is not strong enough to do movie recording and running game in the same time). And yeah see you soon.