Sunday, 21 August 2016

Spoiler alert

I just start to seeing how "Exciting" this project may be for you :P You wait whole month to get another video preview. In this ~3 minutes presentation you see my ugly face for first 1.5 minute and then there is short wideo of naked Twinsen running around surround by grass and some brown geometry :]

Well we don't have clear idea how to improve form but we improving content in second half of video:) We spend already a lot of time working on stuff for next week video preview and there is still some time :D I believe that in this short time we still be able to create some game improvement. For now I won't say more and will leave you with this small spoiler:


Saturday, 30 July 2016

L.B.A. Preview 16

The extra time we took for this milestone allow us to do some really cool stuff :) And even if not everything is finished we are proudly present you new video this time with nice round number 16 (0x10):


Sunday, 3 July 2016

A little bit longer ...

We have some break in posting and we are fully aware of this but we are in middle of really big milestone on which we try to fully focus so you will need to wait a little bit longer for proper update. For now we will share with you some sneak peek of current progress:

This is still begin of work and a lot need to be done but finally all pieces coming together and we should have really interesting next video preview :D

Thanks also for all support that you give to us it give us strength to continue this ambitious project :)


Sunday, 29 May 2016

L.B.A. Preview 15

Yep it's this time of year, were we have new preview. This time number 15 which by coincident is exactly the same number as internal build number :)

As you can see this time there are some visible new gameplay elements which give slightly impression that this may be even game :] Just slight of course but as you see project going forward and we don't lying saying this all the time.

But well this milestone is behind and we can move to next one: Recovering some basics of movie system with editor to bring back moving platforms in sewers and prison. When it will be done I don't know but we try our best :)


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Slowly but steady.

There are days when I completely don't know what to write posts about. There are so much changes in so many places and non of them look like it is really worth showing right now. But well maybe my expectations are too big.

Generally progress on game moving forward. Extension of animation system I was talking so much for last few weeks start taking shape and already brought new stuff to game: first version of jumping and new problems to resolve :) So I slowly sculpting this system trying to make it work. But improvement won't be visible without good input data so I spending some time trying to level up in my "animator" skill.

For interested I reading currently "The animator's survival kit" which is really good book if you like to learn about animations. After reading half of it I see visible change in quality of my animations: they are just bad not terrible anymore. I still need a lot more practice to get to some satisfying level but I will get there.

Other then that there are a lot technical things like changes in Constant Buffers, Recovering of editor tools, improving of graphs widgets and generally a lot of small changes which make my life easier.

Probably some of you are also curious what waiting us in future :) After animations system in place there will come next preview of game and we will see then. Like my teacher of Japanese was saying: one cookie at the time.


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Wiping dust ...

Wow it's getting dusty here and I see few spiders webs in corners so I think I should do something about this. So we took some break from posting :) it's mostly my fault because I was lazy. No wait it's not that this sound bad. 

Generally last few weeks cached us time when we are limited with our free time :/ We try to balance this with focusing on stuff we need to do for project. Sometimes skipping other parts like posting news. Of course there is no excuse for not doing it for so long but well you need to forgive us this. We do it for free :)

Generally we are in funny part of project where we don't move a lot with project because of my experimentation with animations systems. Most of them are failure which I just thrown away quickly. But I gaining valuable experience in field I'm not expert. This is really good and allow me to come with even crazier ideas :D What I want to achieve is system which won't require a lot of animations because I will need to do them, will be intuitive in usage, flexible so I can do all stuff I want to do with Twinsen and it wasn't dead end. 

This last part is tricky for me because I want to create something what won't be final stuff but in the same time will be nice base for more complicated system. When you finally make system like that you know that what you done is good otherwise there is always something there what bother you when you try to use it.

And so time fly between personal live, creation of animation system, creating testing animations tracing bugs and generally improving stability, reliability and features of engine. Soon I believe I will find design of animation system and when this happen programming should go quickly :)


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dark depths of development

Last two weeks like always we fall into dark depths of development. Slowly carving our stuff and preparing them for another show. In sucha moments I always feel a little bit bad when I see how other projects in matters of weeks changing quickly, growing and then I'm stop feeling bad. Mostly because very often they disappear as quick as they shown and Little Big Adventure Remake still exist.

So we still doing what we should do and we do it in bigger team:] We joined our forces with music Jesse Gorter. If this name sound familiar to you it's probably because you could hear a lot of his music in our previous preview videos. 

Long story short: We cooperate with him for long time but now he is officially one of CoffeMonsters member and have access to all the stuff we do :)

He right now creating alternative soundtrack to L.B.A. We plan to use this tracks for Remake but you never know he may change his mind and make even more awesome music in the end. We will see what future will bring.

Aside from that like always Alejandro working on design trying to bring new look to game. I'm dived again into low level code and doing some under hood changes for engine and tools. I planned them for long time but I never had occasion, mood or time to do them. I decided that now is good moment and well I'm still stuck there. Fixing what I broke, fighting with quick hacks that I introduced and staring using new cool features :) I cannot wait to utilize full potential of them.

So as you see project is still alive stronger than ever.