I believe that the game development is industry with only few limitations:
our imagination, technical skills, 
processing power and tools that we use. 

It is not in my power to change first three of them. But I believe that the last one is essence to all of the previous one. Good tools allow us to:

  • Create incredible things with just as little processing power as possible. 
  • Intuitive create stuff what will lower need of required technical skills.
  • Free our imagination and allow it materialize in games.

For me White Rabbit Engine is one big experiment with purpose of making tools which I want to be a little bit like big canvas and crayons. Everybody can draw using them. One better other worse but in the end all have fun doing it.

So welcome in world of White Rabbit which will lead you to place where dreams come true.

What is White Rabbit Engine ?

I like to call it as White Rabbit Tool Set. There is:

  • Game Engine,
  • Level Editor, 
  • Objects editor, 
  • Some other smaller tools,
  • Plugins
  • Scripts. 
Everything what I need to develop Little Big Adventure Remake. Whole thing is still in development but we steady moving forward and adding a lot of interesting stuff to it.

From more technical stuff whole tech work on Windows and Linux. Code is written in C++, with use of multi-threading and libraries:
  • OpenGL (currently we supporting: Core Profile 3.2 ),
  • OpenAL,
  • Buller Physics
  • Recast Navmesh. 
Scripts are written mostly in python which allow them to be executed on all supported platforms.

Want to know more just ask I will be happy to answer all questions.

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